Comments are necessary and essential for any programming language. CFML is no different with helping you add code comments in both script and tag syntax.

Tag Comments

You can use the <!--- and ---> Syntax to comment within a CFML template. This is very similar to HTML comments but adding an extra - to demarcate it as a CFML comment.

HTML Comment
<!-- I am an HTML Comment-->
ColdFusion Comment
<!--- I am a ColdFusion Comment--->

Script Comments

If you are within a CFC or in a <cfscript> block you can use an alternate style for comments. You can leverage // for single line comments and the following for multi-line comments:

* Multi
* Line
* Comments
* are
* great!
// Single line comment

CFDoc Style Comments

In the CFML world you can write JavaDoc comments in what we call CFDoc comments. We leverage the DocBox library to generate documentation according to object metadata and comments.

* This is my component
* @author Luis Majano
component extends="Base" implements="IHello" singleton{
* The Settings
property name="settings";
* Constructor
* @wirebox The Injector
* @wirebox.inject wirebox
function init( required wirebox ){
variables.wirebox = arguments.wirebox;
return this;

You can see some examples of advanced CFC documentation here: