Learn Modern ColdFusion <CFML> in 100+ Minutes.

Welcome to the wonderful world of dynamic programming with ColdFusion <CFML>. The purpose of this book is to jump-start developers into the ColdFusion <CFML> programming language from a MODERN perspective and a focus on best practices, object orientation, and tooling. ColdFusion is not the same as it was 20 years ago; yes it's more than 20 years old!

It's dynamic, vibrant, modern, fluent, and functional! Let's begin our adventure into the world of MODERN ColdFusion <CFML>.

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This book was written and maintained by Luis Majano and the Ortus Solutions Development Team.

Ortus Solutions is a company that focuses on building professional open source tools, custom applications and great websites! We're the team behind ColdBox, the de-facto enterprise CFML HMVC Platform, TestBox, the CFML Testing and Behavior Driven Development (BDD) Framework, ContentBox, a highly modular and scalable Content Management System, CommandBox, the ColdFusion <CFML> CLI, package manager, etc, and many more -

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