Beyond The 100

We cannot possibly cover all the features of the ColdFusion Engines in this book as our focus was more on the core CFML language. However, please note that the engines offer a tremendous middle-ware capabilities that extend beyond normal language features. There are many areas that make ColdFusion one of the most (if not the most) rapid application development (RAD) languages around.

Check out the cfdocs and the engine documentation sites for all the different capabilities they can offer.

In our Beyond The 100 section you will find more in-depth topics of how CFML can be used for web applications, database interactions, Java integration, RESTFul services, Image manipulation and much more. Here is a simple listing of going beyond with CFML:

  • PDF Creation

  • PDF Manipulation

  • Database Introspection

  • Object Relational Manager via Hibernate/JPA

  • Stored Procedures Support

  • Multiple JDBC Connectors

  • Job Scheduling

  • Server Monitoring

  • API Monitoring, Caching, Gateway

  • Exchange Support

  • LDAP Support

  • Spreadsheet Support

  • Open Office Support

  • Mathematical Functions

  • OSGI Bundle Support

  • Distributed Caching Support

  • Much More!

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